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Not THE Carbon Coalition? (No, it's the other Carbon Coalition)

The Carbon Coalition


The Carbon Coalition is a voluntary group of individuals concerned about the extent
to which carbon is wrongly vilified in Western societies, particularly in government,
the media, and in some business circles. We aim to restore balance and reason to
the carbon debate, and to explain and defend the key role of carbon in production of
most of our energy for heat, light, and transportation, and all of our food.
Members and supporters include:
· consumers concerned about the future availability and cost of energy and
· taxpayers concerned at the spiraling costs of subsidies for fixing nonproblems
in the carbon cycle or propping up inefficient alternatives to carbon
· those who understand, support, work in, or invest in the carbon industries -
farming, fishing, forestry, food, coal, oil, gas, transport and energy.
· farmers who know about the important role of plants, soil and carbon dioxide
in naturally recycling carbon from the atmosphere to plants and back to our
food chain.
· people with knowledge and understanding of the dominant influence of the
sun, oceans, clouds and cycles in the solar system in affecting climate and
weather on earth.
· people alarmed at the politicization of science and who want our young
people to grow up in a world in which truth and science are valued.
· people concerned at the way this issue is being used to fill our children with
fear and loathing and our adults with guilt and anger.

Carbon Is Our Key Resource

Carbon is the most important resource on earth for all mankind. It is the essence of:
· all food - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars and alcohols
· all hydrocarbon fuels - coal, petroleum and natural gas
· all humus and organic matter in the soils
· all life on land, in the soil, and in the rivers and oceans (apart from strange
creatures around volcanic vents in ocean deeps).
Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic, colourless gas that forms a tiny proportion of our
atmosphere. Man’s contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide is small and dwarfed
by natural emissions from the oceans, volcanoes and from other natural sources
such as decaying vegetation, wild animals, insects, termites, bacteria and bush
The Battle for Carbon
Life on earth is a battle for carbon. Carbon compounds form the bodies and provide
all internal energy for all living things.
All life relies on four key atmospheric gases – oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and
water vapour.
All are crucial to life, none is a pollutant in the atmosphere.
Plants extract carbon dioxide and emit oxygen in order to grow; animals extract
oxygen and emit carbon dioxide in order to grow. Carbon is stored in the soil, the
oceans, the atmosphere, in living bodies of plants and animals, and in dead animal
and plant material such as fossil fuels, construction timber, stored food, dead leaves
and dead bodies.
Carbon dioxide is the chief agent for recycling carbon resources. Without carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere, the cycle of life would quickly run down - all plants would
die, and then all animals would starve.
The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is always changing, mainly in
response to changes in surface temperature which then affects the vigour of plant
and animal life and affects the carbon balance of the oceans.
The surface temperature of the earth is always changing, and current conditions are
neither extreme or unexpected. The changes are driven mainly by external factors
such as the sun.
Changing surface temperature is the governor of life – warm oceans expel carbon
dioxide held in solution: the ocean warmth also causes more evaporation of water.

These three atmospheric conditions (more moisture, more warmth and more carbon
dioxide) cause an explosion of plant life on land and sea. This then triggers an
explosion of herbivores and carnivores, predators and parasites – mainly the
animals. Cooler temperatures will reverse all that.
We live today in one of the usually short warm periods that separate the regular and
longer Ice Ages that punctuate earth’s history. These warm periods are the Golden
Ages of history where all life flourishes (including man). While temperature, moisture
and carbon dioxide are supplied in abundance, the Golden Age will continue. If solar
variations cause earth’s temperature to fall, moisture and carbon dioxide will also
fall, and Ice Age conditions will return.
Man does not control these global events, but he will be shaped by them.
The Greenhouse Effect
The sun provides most of the earth’s surface heat, but does not distribute it evenly.
The equator gets more heat than the poles, and the heat arrives by day and leaves
again by night. The main agents for moving heat around are ocean currents,
atmospheric winds and radiation of heat between oceans, land, atmosphere and
A real greenhouse has a glass roof that allows the sun’s heat in and prevents most
of it from leaving. While the sun is shining, the main greenhouse process is physical
- the roof totally prevents heat loss by convection ie the hot air cannot escape. The
glass roof also retards the other method of heat loss – radiation of heat into space,
but the prevention of convection is the key process.
The atmosphere is not a greenhouse – there is no physical roof, so convection
(wind) is free to move heat from the surface and the equator to cooler areas.
Some atmospheric gases (referred to as Greenhouse gases) have the ability to
absorb some heat escaping from earth and to radiate it back to earth. This
blanketing effect makes the earth’s surface more livable – otherwise we would fry by
day and freeze by night.
The major atmospheric gas with greenhouse properties is water vapour, which 3
times more effective and 100 times more abundant than carbon dioxide.
This whole Greenhouse controversy thus boils down to a panic about a minor but
beneficial effect on surface temperature, by a minor but beneficial atmospheric gas.

Is today’s Temperature of Concern?

The temperature of the earth’s surface varies greatly from hour to hour, from day to
day, from season to season, from place to place and from century to century. At any
given time and place, temperatures are always rising or falling for many reasons. To
speak of “earth’s temperature” and to report it to tiny fractions of a degree, is like
measuring the diameter of a rusty pipe with a highly accurate micrometer – each
turn of the micrometer screw knocks off another piece of rust and gives another
different reading, measured to high accuracy.
Most alarmist forecasts of future warming are based on models and theories of how
the myriad things that determine earth’s temperatures will interact for decades
However, similarly complex computer models and theories are unable to forecast
the weather with any accuracy beyond 5 days, and forecasts for tomorrow are
seldom more accurate than a constant forecast that said “Tomorrow’s weather will
be very similar to today’s”.
Even scarier is the fact that economic “Solutions” to global warming (such as a long
term price/tax for carbon) are being designed by economists who are no better than
weather forecasters at forecasting commodity prices.
Before we embark on a massive forced contraction and dislocation of our whole
carbon based economy, we need not theories, not models, but EVIDENCE.
The best evidence available, from ice cores, tree growth rings, historical records and
direct measurements suggests that neither surface temperatures nor carbon dioxide
content of the atmosphere are at extreme levels. Moreover, past trends of these two
variables suggest that rising surface temperatures seem to occur well BEFORE the
carbon dioxide content rises ie rising temperature probably causes rising levels of
carbon dioxide.
What does the Carbon Coalition stand for?
We believe that vested interests, sensation seeking media, a frightened public and
vote seeking politicians are moving the western world swiftly towards extreme
solutions that will be very costly to the prosperity of our children and very difficult to
reverse. In particular:
· we oppose carbon taxes because they are unnecessary and they will push
up the cost of energy, electricity, food and transport for all consumers.
· we oppose subsidies for favoured energy sources – these will raise taxes and
make our economy less able to compete with more enlightened economies.

· we oppose legislation mandating shares for any particular energy source
such as solar, wind, gas or ethanol. All consumers and investors should be
free to choose which technology to support, but they should not use
legislative means to impose their value judgments on all the rest of us.
· we believe public policy should encourage the development of the most
efficient energy sources free of the distortions of all discriminatory taxes,
subsidies or mandated shares.
· we oppose statutory limits on emissions of man-made carbon dioxide
because we believe carbon dioxide plays a wholly beneficial role in our
atmosphere. It is NOT a pollutant, nor does it drive global warming.
· we oppose the discrimination in favour of trees at the expense of grasses and
crops. Both plant forms extract and store carbon dioxide, but the grasses on
land and in the ocean are far more important to the food supplies for the
human race than the trees. To use discriminatory taxes, subsidies or
regulations to favour one plant form over the other has no justification. Those
plant forms valued by humans for food, fibre, timber, shelter, leisure or
pleasure will be conserved and protected. The rest are “weeds” and have
proved quite capable of looking after themselves.
· we support market-based conservation of resources and oppose harmful
pollution of water, land or atmosphere.
· we support the right of all individuals to use their own funds or skills to
discriminate in favour of or against any energy resource or food for any
Our Activities.
The Carbon Coalition aims to:
· publicise information on the key role played by carbon in providing food and
energy for mankind.
· encourage, conduct and publicise research into all factors that affect global
temperatures and climate.
· produce discussion papers on sound long term public policies for the energy
and food industries.
· encourage carbon policies which are based on sound science and good long
term economics.

Advisory Committee

Mr Viv Forbes Chairman
Grandfather, Sheep and Cattle Grazier, Soil Scientist and Mining Consultant, Rosevale, Qld,
Mr Keith Barker
Mining Engineer, CEO Northern Energy Corporation, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Mr John Carter
Cattleman, Chairman Australian Beef Association for six years, Columnist “The Land” Crookwell,
NSW, Australia.
Mr Ken Day
President Director, Terrindo, Sand Mining Contractor, Indonesia,
Mr Rod Dawnie
Geoscientist (paleoclimate studies geochemistry, geomorphology and Quaternary geology).
Brisbane Qld, Australia
Mr Peter Ellis
Geologist, economist, environmentalist and landcarer. Formerly Co-ordinator General of
Queensland, and one-time Director of Environmental Control in the Queensland Government
Mr James Hawes
Ex Science teacher, actually taught biology, chemistry, geology and physics at High Schools and
chemistry at University. Past President of the Science Teachers Assn, NSW and the Aust Science
Teachers Assoc. Wombarra, NSW, Australia.
Mr Ron Kitching
Drilling and Conveying Consultant, Columnist, Author “Understanding Personal & Economic Liberty”,
Rockhampton, Qld, Australia
Mr Bob Long Web Master
Engineer and Computer Scientist, Maintainer of , Arana Hills, Qld, Australia.
Mr Stuart McArthur
Grazing and Land Management Consultant, Yeppoon, Qld, Australia.
Mr Malcolm Roberts
Management Consultant, Catalyst for Corporate Performance Pty Ltd, Brookfield, Qld, Australia.
Mr James Sokoll,
Systems Engineer, Mt Walker Qld Australia
Dr Walter Starck,
Marine Ecologist , pioneer researcher of coral reefs and the Great Barrier Reef, Inventor, Author,
Film and video producer Townsville, Qld, Australia.
Mrs Heather Wehl,
Mother, Shire Councillor, dairy farmer and lucerne grower, Mt Walker, Qld Australia.

Regional Correpondents:

Mr Rod Burston, Kiama Downs, NSW, Australia
Engineer, spokesman for the NSW Fishing Clubs Association, Member of the Australian Environment
Foundation, Founder Ecofishers, NSW
Mr John Carter, Kyogle, NSW, Australia
Mechanical engineer involved in a number of world-wide alternative energy groups designing and
building high mileage fuel systems, magnetic motors and energy saving devices.
Mr Don Daisley, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Qualified in Industrial Engineering and Commerce, Manufacturer (rtd)
Mr Fred Drake, West End, Qld, Australia
Mr Ray Duncan, Smithfield Heights, Qld, Australia
Mr Ray Evans, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
President of the H R Nicholls Society and Secretary of the Lavoisier Group
Mr Graeme Haycroft, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
Businessman with interests in the recruitment, personnel outsourcing, and people management
Mr Peter Hawes, Exeter, United Kingdom
Tertiary lecturer in geography and world development.
Mr Chris Heusch, American Mountain West, USA
Mr Peter Jamieson, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia
Metallurgist, Engineer.
Mr Greg Kater, NSW, Australia
Geologist, Sheep and Cattle Grazier
Mr Erich Kern, California, USA
Internet browser and political analyst.
Miss Jocelyn Maxwell, Mittagong, NSW, Australia.
Accountant, Market and political analyst.
Ms Muriel Newman, New Zealand
Director, The New Zealand Centre for Political Research - at – an independent
think tank providing a research on public policy matters and political issues. Anyone can sign up for
the free weekly newsletter on
Mr Ken Perry, Freemantle, Western, Australia
Chemist, Company Director.
Mr Ron Manners, Perth, Western Australia.
Mannkal Foundation
Mr Benjamin Marks, NSW, Australia
Student of Austrian Economics, Freelance Writer.
Mr John McRobert , Brisbane, Qld, Australia.
Engineer, Author, Publisher.
Mr John McSweeney, Perth
Mr Keith Mercer, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Dr Herbert Nehrlich, Bribie Island, QLD, Australia
Practitioner of Orthomolecular Medicine, University lecturer in Natural and Nutritional Sciences,
member of the Hoffer Nutrition Advisory Committee.
Mr Vince Pendal, Perth, Western Australia
Company Director, Financier.
Mr Stephen Peterson, Sydney NSW, Australia
Mr Michael Pinnock AM, Brisbane Qld, Australia.
Journalist, ex CEO Queensland Resources Council.
Mrs Pam Pownall, “Carfax”, Middlemount QLD, Australia
Grazier, Landcarer
Mr Ken Ring, New Zealand
Private Weather Forecaster.
Mr Franklin Sanders, Tennessee, USA
Grass farmer, Journalist
Mr Ken Shock, Pacific Rim, Hawaii, USA
Physicist and Investor
Mr John Weil, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.
Geologist, long time mining industry metals explorer and consultant, environmentalist and landcarer,
ex goat breeder, concerned citizen and parent.

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